BPM and Healthcare

My friend Chris Taylor has written an article for the Harvard Business Review dealing with healthcare.  As he pointed out, whether Obamacare is approved or not the healthcare issue will be with us for some time.

Most of his responses have dealt with both sides of the Obamacare issue; few have actually addressed Health Care as a topic.

A business process view of the topic

The process begins with a health issue that causes a person to visit the doctor.  The process ends when the patient has a ‘successful outcome’.  In this case I will have to define a successful outcome being when the patient no longer needs to see the doctor for this issue and they believe that they have received ‘proper care’.

If the doctor had complete control over all of the steps between the first visit and the last, they might be able to ensure a successful outcome with regularity.

Unfortunately, we have at least 4 BIG issues impacting the process. 

  • We have the bureaucrats in the hospital defining and following hospital rules.
  • We have the bureaucrats in the government attempting to have doctors follow laws written by politicians.
  • We have the bureaucrats in insurance companies that want you to follow their rules and the rules that government has placed on them.
  • We have lots and lots of attorneys that need to earn a living watching over you waiting for you to make an error.

In a perfect world, someone start from scratch beginning with the definition of a successful outcome.  Sometime early in the design of the new process, they will have to deal with the bureaucratic net that hangs over healthcare.  That brings up a BIG question – can politicians even do that?

Your Thoughts…

What would you add to this discussion?


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