BPM – Strategy & Tactics

Ron Ross [in a BP Group posting] asked:  How does strategy and business process relate? Do they relate at all?

My Thoughts…

Let’s look at some definitions – there are strategies and there are tactics.

Strategy – A plan, method, or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result: a strategy for getting ahead in the world.

Tactics – Any mode of procedure for gaining advantage or success – the maneuvers themselves.

I am sure that Apple’s strategy for their iPhone is to become the market leader.  I am sure that there is an associated revenue goal as well.  Their definition of a successful outcome contains market share and revenue goals.

They will have a list of tactics that they believe will help them achieve their goals.  Among those tactics will be setting up  or improving some business processes.

At a macro level, their market share and revenue numbers tells them whether they have been successful.

At a micro level, companies need to have some before metrics so that when they believe they have improved some process, they are able to measure whether that is true.

So, to answer the question – business processes are tactics.  These tactics are implemented in order to achieve strategic goals.

Your Thoughts…

Don you make process improvements just to make improvements or to achieve some strategic goal?


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