BPM Success Tips

From Alan Earls, ebizQ contributor…

Alan posted his tips for BPM success. His list follows…

  • Engage your stakeholders
  • Address both human and BPMS blind spots
  • Tie BPMS to branding and communication
  • Figure out how to integrate BPMS, SOA, and other infrastructure elements
  • Start with manageable goals
  • Lock in management support
  • Have a plan for granularity and analytics

My Thoughts…

Missing from this very good list is a BPM Champion.

BPM projects begin with the internal Champion. The Champion engages the stakeholders and locks in management support. The Champion sets up manageable goals, addresses blind spots and has a plan for analytics. The Champion makes sure that the solution incorporates the key values and principles of the company–those that differentiate it from its competitors.

A great ‘roll out’ plan smoothes adoption. No one likes change and the easiest path for the user community is to complain about this project. It is the Champion that executes a plan that elicits excitement in the user community. Branding and Communication – it is the job of the Champion to package up the solution in such a way that the user community can’t wait to get their hands on it.

As you can tell, the more successful the Champion is at their job – the easier it is to roll out the solution company wide.

Your Thoughts…

What has been your experience?


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