BPM – Managing Change

Change provokes questions like…

“Why do we need to change?  Things around here work just fine.”

Who doesn’t feel the work I am doing is at an acceptable standard?  Who isn’t worried that these types of efforts won’t uncover inefficiencies in the way they work. 

“I’m worried about losing my job if they automate the work I do.”

My Thoughts…

This is the greatest challenge for the Champion [last week’s topic].

In general, people hate change.  They have figured out a routine that works well for them.  They can easily do their job and they can likely do it well.  But if you change their job, they can feel like a rookie.  It can make them feel insecure and uncomfortable.

A good Champion [a person in the company that is well thought of] will help employees move through this phase as smoothly as possible.

It is a good idea to make employees feel like they are a part of the process.  The Champion needs to get their buy-in starting with questions along the lines of “What would help you do your job easier?” and “What are you waiting for most often?”

One bad attitude can wreak havoc on a project like this.  It is important to get ‘nay-sayers’ involved so that they feel they are being heard – have ownership in the project.

The Champion is the internal salesman for the project.  They will need to do some ‘hand holding’ to smooth the transition to the new system.  They should be aware that the internal sales job continues after the project is completed.

Your Thoughts…

That is just my opinion, I could be wrong – what has been your experience?

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