Birth of a BPM Project

For those considering a BPM project, you will need to do some homework. Often, a company will spend more time on a BPM project before the software purchase takes place than after. What follows are some steps that will need to be taken…

– Why are you looking for a solution?

People don’t look at BPM solutions unless there is a problem like: Process cycle takes too long; Process is error prone; Process takes too long; and, Costly mistakes are showing up. You will need to identify the problem and quantify it.

– You have decided that you need to find a solution. How do you get it funded?

You need to know who the economic buyer is within your company. They will have their own decision criteria. They might want a return on investment analysis; They might want to perform an opportunity costs analysis [what is the next best use of capital?]; Maybe a net present value analysis; Or, payback analysis – how long will it take for the project to pay for itself? There isn’t a single fits all solution, go with the flow.

– When you are ready to proceed, you will need to look at solution alternatives.

This step requires a thorough understanding of your requirements for a solution. This can take some time. I like to start with a solution vision – if the world were perfect, my solution would be ‘X’.

From there, you will want to explore your solution alternatives. You will want to talk to vendors to uncover their ability to solve your problem. You may want to talk to service providers as well. These companies may even provide other alternatives to look at. During these conversations, you will likely be giving up or compromising on some of your ‘vision’ features.

– After completing this research, it is time to create your solution proposal with a capital request to the economic buyer [or something similar].

Your Thoughts…

What might you add to this list?


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