Government and BPM

Ranjit Goswami wrote in All News [May 6th, 2010]…

In a business, the individual works on his individual priorities amidst an ocean of information whereas the Government seems to be losing its radar of priorities often in the same ocean of information.

The individual can take decisions based on that information and start acting instantly on that decision; that’s not true with all functions of Government and its various institutes.  The Government seems to be tending fires much after the fire has broken out [and individuals taking care of themselves individually or falling victims to that fire] and by the time the Government senses what caused that fire [and how to stop its repetition in the future]; another bigger fire emerges elsewhere.  A genuine willingness to stop the fire may also be missing in many-a-Government; it may rather be a stage-managed show to highlight the efforts as Governments often neglect reforming the roots of the problems due to a conflict of interest.

My thoughts…

Today, we are all wading through an ocean of information, but I believe that the size of an organization has a real impact.

A company with 100 people or so can fairly easily identify their basic processes.  They can fairly easily manage to those processes.  If they should take some shortcut, it is not usually catastrophic or even a big deal.

As a company gets larger, it gets more difficult to identify basic processes and shortcuts can be catastrophic.  It has taken down many big companies.

The Government is beyond large.  If someone takes a shortcut, it starts a fire.  While Government employees are busy putting out fires, more are starting.  Some of the people putting out the fires may have a conflict of interest.  It brings to mind that famous saying – when you are up to you’re ass in Alligators, it is difficult to remember your original mission was to drain the swamp.

Implementing any kind of process management or process improvement within the Government will not be easy or accomplished quickly.  However, it is time to start – even if it is baby steps.

Your Thoughts…

That is just my opinion and I could be wrong.


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