Why take on BPM?

Gartner published a survey for their 2013 BPM Conference…

As with any survey, the questions can shape the results.  They want to know the reasons companies invest in BPM.  So, they put out some ideas:

1)      Increasing enterprise growth

2)      Reducing enterprise costs

3)      Improving profitability [margins]

4)      Competitive advantage

5)      Business agility

6)      Faster time-to-market

7)      Governance and transparency

8)      Quality and consistency

9)      Expanding into new markets

My Thoughts…

I am sure that Gartner compiled this list from previous answers meaning there should be votes for all of them.  I wonder if ‘Increasing Enterprise Growth’ will come in first because it appears first.

When I look at this list, I can’t imagine any company that wouldn’t want to address some if not most of these.  If business process management [BPM] can provide results in these areas, why wouldn’t all companies implement BPM?

A large majority of companies have not implemented BPM anywhere in their companies.  I haven’t seen anyone address why they haven’t.  Does that mean they don’t believe BPM can deliver these results?  Do they think it is too hard?  Do they think that BPM projects are too big?  Too hard?  Not worth the effort?

I have seen good results from BPM projects.  There are many surveys that show good results.  So, what are companies waiting for?  They should at least be looking…

Your Thoughts…

That is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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