User Adoption of BPM

I can’t stress enough how important user adoption is…

It can take as little as one unhappy person to kill a project like this.  They can poison other users and it can get out of control.

Some things you can do to mitigate the risk…

  • Identify a champion      that can drive your process improvement initiatives.  That person needs to be able to ‘lead’      the users through this change to their jobs.  Users need to be able to see that the      solution will solve a problem that they face frequently.  They need to be able to see that this      solution is not only good for the company, but good for them as well.
  • Choose to implement      a process that has some visibility, but can be accomplished within 6      months time.  If a project takes a      year to complete, people will lose interest and the project will lose      visibility and momentum.
  • Make sure that the      solution is easy to use.  If it is      not, users will find a work around that will negate the entire activity.
  • If you suspect that      a user is not on board, get them involved early.  Have them help shape the project – make      sure that they take some ownership.

Success will get more people on the bandwagon.  Management will be able to see the positive affects of their investment.  It will make it easier to get any additional funding.

Your Thoughts…

What has been your experience?



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