Embracing BPM

BPM is a management approach that is available for anyone in business.  Why are there companies that have not embraced BPM?

The #1 reason, as I said in my last blog, is that people just don’t have time to take on another project.  They need to get their work done.

In my job, I wear many hats.  I need to accomplish many different tasks each day.  Unlike most of these companies, I am always looking for more efficient ways to perform the tasks I need to perform.  I look for ways to do more work in less time and I look for ways to improve the quality of my work.

BPM is not about software, it is a management approach to improve your business processes.  Larger companies can easily find processes that can be improved.  Even a small company like mine can find ways to improve our business processes.

Companies need to start with a management approach long before selecting and implementing software.  If your company is big enough, then you can implement BPM software to provide control and visibility to your processes.

We should all be looking to improve – it is good for the worker and it is good for the company.

Your Thoughts…

Are you on the lookout for ways to improve your skills/processes?


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