BPM Buy-In

This week’s topic in the BPM blogosphere is ‘The single biggest key to employee buy-in’.

Theo Priestley proposed that ‘At the end of the day, something that improves both the employee experience and customer experience is never going to be a hard sell.’

So, the big question is ‘why isn’t this happening?’

Disruptive projects like BPM need to have an internal champion.  The champion is your company’s pied piper.  They will be a leader, hopefully a persuasive leader.  They will be the cheerleader for the project.  This isn’t a one time activity, it is ongoing.

The champion will get the user community involved in the project so that they will have some ownership.  The users will have input as to what the final solution looks like.  They will have a vested interest in rolling out the solution, their solution.  They will have some skin in the game to make sure the project is successful.

The user community will have a first hand understanding that the solution the team [their team] came up with will improve both the employee experience and the customer experience.  Everyone on the team will be telling the same positive story to others in their company.

Your thoughts…

How do you handle buy-in on your projects?


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