Change & BPM

From Gartner’s 2013 BPM Summit – ‘By definition you’re all about creating change.  It’s why you’re here; it is what you do, day in and day out. When you create change, you create conflict.’ – Tina Nunno, Gartner Vice President and distinguished analyst, speaking on avoiding organizational ‘land mines.’

Business Process Management is about improving how you do business.  That can only happen with change.  Change is disruptive and there are many reasons for this disruption:

Technology – There is always some new technology out there.  Maybe you can take advantage of one of them.  BYOD [bring your own device] is changing the workplace.  Mobile is beginning to have an impact on how companies do business.  Companies are exploring whether to use cloud computing or not.

Process –The assembly line changed the way manufacturers work.  There are new ways of doing business.  A company may have come up with a new way to work that catches the attention of the business world.

People – Your workforce is not static.  New people come and people go.  The way they work will be different.  Their personalities will be different.  They may perform their tasks differently.  Coming from outside the company, they may be able to see a way to do business more efficiently.

The Takeaway

Now is not the time to say ‘but, that is the way we have always done it.’  Now is the time to embrace change.  Make change a part of your company’s culture.  Find comfort in discomfort!


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