Process & the Customer Experience

A decade ago, companies differentiated themselves from their competitors using products and pricing.  The internet has changed all that.  Customers can quickly search for products online and even compare.  They can easily choose to purchase from the company with the lowest price.

Change is Constant

Today, companies should be looking at the customer experience as a differentiator.  How customers interact with your company is a process – one that needs some attention.

A customer experience consists of the customer’s perceptions of their interaction with your company.  It is how the customer ‘feels’ about doing business with your company.  It is the customer’s reaction to how they interacted with your employees.

Deliver a great experience for your customer throughout their ‘customer’ lifecycle and the results will improve your bottom line.

We are in the midst of change.

The internet has had a big impact on how companies do business.  Companies are just now exploring the impact of social media.  Mobile is next – companies are still trying to determine the impact.  Then there is the cloud and ‘what does that mean to me?’

The Takeaway

Improve your customer’s experience to attract more customers, to retain more customers and to increase revenue.  If you doubt this, look at what Amazon has accomplished – or Apple.


4 thoughts on “Process & the Customer Experience

      • I start by assuming all companies are unique.

        If I were to help a company with their customer experience, I would uncover the current customer experience. Customer interaction with a company is dictated by a formal or not so formal process. How an employee deals with a customer will tend to be consistent, so it is at least a process for them. I would want to understand how employees that ‘touch’ the customer works. I would talk to their customers to get their thoughts. I would look at the customer experience that their competitors provide. I would look at what successful companies are doing.

        Then, I would craft a process that ‘should’ work for them. I would monitor the new process and talk with their customers to see how they like it. I would make changes as needed.

        Of course, this is hypothetical and I would need to be open to new ideas and approaches to improve the process.

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