BPM and Analytics

Early on in a Business Process Management [BPM] implementation project everyone is focused on the problem process and finding a ‘fix’.  Lots of time and energy are spent solving the problem.  A BPM project could take as little as a month or as long as a year.

After that success companies will typically address other processes.

A big part of any BPM project is metrics.  How will you truly know your project is successful if you don’t put in place a way to measure it?

BPM tools are built on relational databases.  They are fully capable of capturing all sorts of information based on movement through a process and information either being ‘written’ [imported] into the system or being ‘exported’ out of the system.

There is a lot of ‘data’ being captured – I see some real potential for analytics.  It is the logical next step.

My Thoughts…

What information would be useful in running the company or a department?  Is there enough data in the database to create the desired analysis?  Can we require more entries while moving through the process that will provide the input needed to perform your desired analysis?

The big question – Will the analytics help the company reduce costs and/or make more money?

Your thoughts…

Have you taken on an analytics project using your BPM software data?


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