Successful PLM Adoption

From Andreas Lindenthal…

System adoption is one of the most important yet also most neglected elements of many PLM implementations.  Many companies indeed believe that user training is all that is needed and are surprised to find that many users still reject the system once it is implemented.

My Thoughts…

For the most part, users of the newly implemented solution will be asked to CHANGE how they work.  They will face ‘newly’ defined processes and they will be asked to use ‘new’ software.

Change Management is critical.  The most successful PLM implementations have had a strong ‘Champion’ driving the project.

Let me define a champion.  A champion doesn’t necessarily have to be a high level executive, but should be well thought of.  The champion will assume the role of evangelist for the project.  They will take on an internal sales role – selling to upper management and to the user community as a whole.  This role will be ongoing.  Think of the champion as the face of the project.

A group representing the user community needs to be involved in the project analysis.  It is wise to get the ‘naysayers’ involved early as well.  These people will have some ownership in the project and will be able to lead their peers buy example.

Implementing PLM without a champion is a crap shoot.

Your Thoughts?

What has been your experience?


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