Process & PLM

Product Lifecycle Management is about managing all of the documentation surrounding a product, the process by which those documents were created, the bill of materials for the product throughout the entire lifecycle of a product – from idea to end of life.

There are a lot of people that say their documents don’t go through a process.  I disagree; all documents go through a process.

I think that we all understand that engineering drawings and bills of materials go through a process before they are released.  However, all documents go through a process.

Even if I am the person who writes and releases [publishes] a document, like this one, It goes through a process.  I edit [once or twice], proofread and then I release it.  My point is that all documents go through a process.

PLM software has the capability to manage the creation, change and release of documents.  These processes can be defined for particular document types.  It is important to take advantage of this.  If someone should go on vacation or become ill, you will be able to pick up where they left off.

Don’t lose your company’s knowledge, secure it and make it accessible.

Your Thoughts?

Can you get at all of your company’s information?


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