Looking for BPM Success…

In the beginning, you have identified a problem with a process or you wouldn’t be reading this.

I recommend these steps be a part of any process improvement process:

  • Identify the problems with your process.  If it costs too much, why is that?  If it takes too long, why is that?  If you are faced with unhappy customers, why is that?
  • If the world were perfect, what would the process look like?  What is your vision for a solution?  You may have to compromise from your vision, but why not start with the best solution?
  • Does this process touch your customer?  Is it working well?  Are your customers happy customers?  What is their input to the process?
  • Create a high level map of your process as it exists today.  Document the process.  Try to follow the documented process to prove that you have documented what really happens.
  • Measure the existing process.  It is important to create metrics for your process so that:  You have beginning numbers to compare with your ‘improved’ process numbers so that you know if you have actually improved the process; and you can use these numbers to prove your success to management.

The successful BPM projects that I know about included the steps above plus others.  Incorporate them into your project to increase your odds of success.

Your Thoughts…

What would you add to this list?


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