Most readers understand that there needs to be integration between PLM [PDM] and ERP software.  At the very least, the bill of materials that is in PLM needs to be written into the ERP application.

There is a level of integration that is needed between CAD and PLM [PDM].

A 3D CAD model may have parts from a library or purchased parts as a part of its ‘configuration’.

  • If I save my model on my machine – when I want to work on it again, I call it up      and the CAD software understands what is in the configuration and will      provide it to me.
  • If I save my model on a protected directory – when I call it up the CAD software may be able to find all of the parts because I created it on my machine.
  • If I save my model on a protected directory – when another engineer needs to work on it, they will look for the model.  When they call it up, the CAD software will not likely be able to find all of the parts because they do not exist on their machine.
  • If you have document management software [PDM/PLM] meant for your CAD package – When you check it in, the software understands that there is a      configuration and manages the whole configuration.  When anyone wants to work on that design, the document management software will bring the entire      configuration to the CAD station.

When looking at document management software [PDM/PLM] this is an important requirement.  If you don’t have a document management software package that works with your CAD package, you will struggle to manage and find configurations.  Many parts are recreated as a result.

Don’t lose your company’s knowledge, secure it and make it accessible.

Your Thoughts?

Can you get at all of your company’s information?


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