Customer Centric BPM

I have written several blogs about customer touch points.

I am dealing with one of those home warranty companies to get an appliance repaired.  I have arranged the repair online – which I like – but I want to ask them to call when they are headed to the house so that I can leave work to meet them.  There is not a place to click that allows me to do special instructions.  There is not a phone number listed that allows me to phone in special instructions.  Obviously, they need to improve their process.

Years ago, someone told me that a company can lose a customer because of the attitude of just one person.  That person doesn’t have to be the sales person, it could be customer service or anyone else.  If you let this sink in, I am sure you will agree that this can happen.

Revisit your customer facing processes with this in mind.  Talk to your customers about the customer touch points.  Where do they interact with your company?  How do they think the process can be improved?

The effort to improve your customer’s experience with your company will not go unrewarded.

Your Thoughts…

Have you tried any of these?


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