Implementing PLM

From an article by Stephen Porter…

In the rush to identify features and functionality [of PLM] the basic questions around what outcomes are expected from PLM adoption often are ignored. This leads to missteps in the initial deployment and can significantly impact the results a company hopes to achieve.

My Thoughts…

I agree with Stephen’s statement.

When I am working with companies, I like to start with their vision for a solution.  Obviously, they may not be able to get all they want.  So I work with them to come up with a workable solution vision.

Their desired outcome evolves from their solution vision.

One of the most important activities from your PLM vendor or solution provider is for them to manage customer expectations.  If you wish to ensure success, make sure that there is a clear picture of the solution vision.  The customer will be expecting their solution to look like their vision.

If the PLM vendor or solution provider achieves this, they will have a happy customer.  Better yet, they will have a reference-able customer.

Your Thoughts?

What has been your experience?


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