DM vs. EDM

Document Management vs. Engineering Document Management…

Document management can be as simple as saving a document to a protected directory.  It could be any of the document management software packages like SharePoint.

Engineering document management is a different beast.  Engineering document management follows some basic engineering rules.  The concept is that of a vault.

Access controls – A person checking in or checking out a document must have proper access privileges.

Version controls – A person must have proper access controls to make a change to a document in order to check in the changed document and then the software will save it as a new version.  The old document can’t get deleted or overwritten.

Process – All documents are part of a process.  A document exists in at least 3 states: create, change or released.  Engineering document management allows you to map your appropriate process into the system.

Audit Trail – Engineering document management software will have an audit trail.  You can see how a document got to its current state.  You can see who worked on the document and when they did it and what they did.

When your company is looking at document management solutions, spend time on the requirements.  If engineering information is involved, I would recommend that you look at software that can provide proper engineering controls.  Today’s PLM software can do both and should be given serious consideration.

There has never been a better time to take the plunge…

Your Thoughts…

Are you one of the companies that have not yet implemented any kind of document management solution?  Need help?


3 thoughts on “DM vs. EDM

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