A Successful PLM Journey…

From a posting by Oleg Shilovitsky…

You cannot sell and implement PLM without having PLM implementation champion in a company as well as execs giving their buy-ins to the project. However, I’d like to put some controversy in this PLM journey nirvana. It would be great for business to have time to choose their PLM journey road with enough time for discussing, planning and implementing. It should be also good to have unlimited resources to spend in PLM journey. However, this is probably not going to happen these days and for visible future for most of companies I know. Businesses are very dynamic these days and driven by lots of unpredictable business factors, cost constraints, competition and regulation. It applies a new perspective on how companies will treat PLM in the future. And, it will drive even more attention from executives in the companies.

My Thoughts…

I have always said that the PLM Journey is ongoing.

When a company selects a vendor for their PLM implementation, that relationship is like a marriage.  You will be working with that vendor for years.  It is important for them to have a good relationship with you and for you to have a good relationship with them.

A strong champion makes success so much easier.  This champion will act as a PLM evangelist internally.  They will guide your company on their PLM Journey by evangelizing to all.  They will point out all of the benefits to the executives and they will point out the benefits to the workers – each sees the benefits from a very different point of view.

While on your PLM Journey, it is important to have successes that can be seen by all.  If you are waiting to point out success at the end of the project, say 5 years from now, people will have lost interest.  You need to have short term successes to point to.

So, as Oleg points out your PLM journey becomes PLM sprints with your company executives serving as supporters and judges at the same time.

Your Thoughts…

What has been your experience?


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