PLM is about Process…

Process is a key component of any PLM solution.  Taking advantage of the process management feature in your PLM software will provide your company with huge benefits.

All documents go through a process, even if it is only informal.

At a minimum, documents are created, edited, saved and released.  Other documentation requires a more formal process like engineering requirements.  Many people can provide input to the creation of the requirements document, there could be several reviewers, and there could be several approvers before the ‘release’ of the requirements document.  I am sure that you would want this document to be correct before it is released.

Managing an engineering change request [ECR, ECN, ECO, etc] is far more complicated.

It is assigned a number.  Many people may be entering metadata like product affected, reason for change, priority, items affected, effectivity, etc.  It has documents like drawings, requirements, work instruction packages, etc.  It has data like a bill of materials with all of its associations.  It is like a file folder with many things in it – it is like a configuration.

All of this documentation goes through a change process that will create a new version of a product.  PLM software is designed to do this and it does it very well.  It provides you with control over the process and the associated information; it provides you with visibility into the process and how documents/documentation is created.

PLM solutions provide a ‘real’ return on investment.

Your Thoughts…

What’s holding you back?


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