The Need for Integration

Today, you will see lots of articles discussing ‘big data’.  Over time, all companies will have generated lots of data.  That data could be in one of many databases or stored in a file in some directory.

How does one find the data/information they need?  Employees spend a lot of time looking for data/information.  This can add up to many lost hours.

There are many solution alternatives…

Purchase some massive ERP solution that includes all of the different applications that you need.  This can work from this day forward, but what about your existing data/information?  Do you manually re-enter all that information [if you can find it] or do you write some integration code to get it.

Continue to use your existing systems but create a web-based user interface that acts as a front end to all of them.  The integration code and direct the query to the right database application to get the information.

Create some kind of data warehouse where you gather information from all [or some] of your database solutions into one place so that you can perform a single query to find stuff.

No matter your choice, you are faced with data/information in old systems and in new systems.  How do you get them to talk to one another?  Integration

I am not advocating that all systems must be integrated – I think that a financial analysis should be performed to see if it makes sense.  The one thing that I do know is that the problem is only going to get worse over time.

Your thoughts…

How is your company handling this problem?


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