BPM is Incremental

As management sage Peter Drucker observed in his seminal work Management Challenges for the 21st Century, “Continuous process improvements in any one area eventually transform the business.  They lead to innovation.  They lead to new processes.  They lead to new business.”

My thoughts…

It is less important to start with the perfect process candidate than it is to establish a success from which to build on and extend into other opportunities.

When taking on a BPM project, it is important to complete the initial process in 6 months or less.  If a project takes too long, people lose interest.  So, I always recommend finding a process that has some visibility, is not too large and if implemented successfully in a short time span will get a positive reaction.

My next piece of advice – do not attempt to achieve perfection in the process design.  There are some sound reasons:  Perfection is really not possible; When you add people to the process, things change rapidly; and, By the time you implement your solution all sorts of things will have changed.  It is a moving target.

Now that you have a success to point to, you can begin to extend solutions into other processes and departments more easily.  People will come tell you that they want a cool solution like the one you just completed.

Your thoughts…

Do you have anything you would add to this?


One thought on “BPM is Incremental

  1. It’s a pet peeve of mine… so don’t take it personally… please define acronyms upon their first use every time. If the document is meant to be stand-alone or self-contained, this (to me) shouldn’t be optional. I might be brand new to the concepts and wonder what Beats per Minute (BPM) have to do with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Please take my suggestion in the spirit it is given… that of Continuous Improvement (CI). 😉

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