Why PLM?

I am working with a company building their PLM requirements document.  I asked him what problems he is hoping to solve.

A key reason for PLM

We discussed the time his engineers spend looking for ‘stuff’ [drawings, files, etc.].  There have been many studies performed analyzing the time it takes engineers to find ‘stuff’ – All of them say that, without document management software, engineers can spend as much as 25% of their time looking for ‘stuff’.  He said that he believes that to be true at his company.

He also mentioned that at some point the engineer will stop looking and just recreate the missing information.  This takes away time from engineering to work on current projects.  This leads to duplicate part numbers and possible errors caused by the duplicate drawings.

PLM provides Control & Visibility

With PLM software in place, you can search for ‘stuff’ even without the exact name of a file.  You can search against attributes [information about the ‘stuff’].  You will find ‘stuff’ quickly and you can even be sure you have the correct rev.

If a design is supposed to go through some steps that include checks and approvals, the PLM software can assure that happens.  Access controls make sure that only the right people have access to the right information at the right time.  Management [or anyone with proper access] can see the status of any design or change request at any time.

Benefits of PLM

So, why implement a PLM solution? Two really good reasons: No more wasted time looking for stuff and it will be really difficult for the wrong drawing to get to the factory floor.

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2 thoughts on “Why PLM?

  1. Scott,

    Seems as if you’re assuming that PLM has the search tools available as part of the implementation. You do indicate an attribute classification system can be used. But how many companies have a complete attribute system in place?

    Assuming probably not, then the importance of semantic and/or geometric search applications could be emphasized.

    • I always work with my clients to select attributes that they can use for search. The PLM solutions that I am most familiar with all have search capabilities. I have seen some geometric search tools that look pretty interesting.

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