A Process View of Christmas…

I believe that I can have a process view of most things and Christmas is ripe for the analysis.

I am going to define Christmas as an event.  As with any event, you must prepare in advance.  There are many things to do…

I see some basic components to Christmas:  Religious; Family; Hosting; and Shopping.

Religious – All families have some religious activity or activities that they like to do each year.  It is tradition.

Family – Most families try to get together over the holidays.  Who will travel?  When will they travel?  Who will stay home?  Where will the get together take place?

Hosting – If it is at a restaurant, who will make the arrangements?  If it is at a family member’s house, what do they need to do to prepare?  Do they need additional seating?  What food will they prepare?  When will they do it?  What order does it all need to be done?  Who will be helping?  Who is the acting project manager?

Shopping – Who will you be buying presents for?  What do they want?  How does this fit into your budget?

Assume for a moment that this is a complete list of the activities of our Christmas event.  Most often, each of these activities are managed by different people.  I am sure that we all wonder how these activities will all come together.  Who will step up to project manage all of these activities?  I can’t imagine that going smoothly.

Strangely enough, most often they do all come together for a very Merry Christmas.

Here is hoping that your Christmas event is a success…


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