Starting Your BPM Project

The subject of my past several blogs was focused on starting your BPM project.

My blogs were focused on preparing to start your BPM project.  A typical BPM project can usually be broken into these basic steps:  Analysis; Design; Construction; Implementation.

The Construction and Implementation steps are fairly easy if the Analysis and Design are done properly.  I mentioned 5 things that you can do to prepare for the Analysis.  Taking these steps before beginning your BPM implementation will increase your odds of success.

  • Choose a Champion
  • Think big – Start small
  • Model how you actually work
  • Involve all stakeholders
  • Measure

Companies don’t buy BPM software; they buy a solution to their problem.  That solution just happens to include BPM software.

In Summary

Don’t lose sight of your need to solve a problem.  Take the time you need for a thorough analysis.  This should help you minimize scope creep.  Choose your champion and put together a team to represent all stakeholders.  Choose an initial project that has some visibility and will show benefits when implemented.  Model how you actually work – make enhancements as you use the solution.  Measure – You need to have a good picture of where you started so that you will be able to show improvements empirically.

Done right, you will be able to see real benefits.


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