Experiencing BPM

BPM Quotes of the Week – Feb. 7

“A customer experiences your company as the sum of its business processes. How comfortable does that make you feel?”  Scott Francis

This is a very important concept that is often missed.

For years I have been saying that ‘the user interface is what software looks like’.  If you are not a programmer, your only interaction with software is what you see on your screen.  A bad user interface can make good software look bad.  The opposite can be true as well.

‘Design for the expert user, but build products that are fact to learn so users can quickly become experts.’ – Marissa Mayer, President & CEO Yahoo

Using the same analogy, your interactions with your customer is what your company looks like.

A company is a collection of business processes.  The processes can be formal or informal, but they are still your business processes.  Those business processes determine how your company interacts with your customer.

If that interaction is easy, comfortable, pleasant, informative, etc, your customer will continue to do business with you.

If that interaction is not pleasant [for whatever reason] they will look elsewhere.

So as Scott Francis asks, ‘how comfortable does that make you feel?’


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