PLM – Don’t Wait

You have identified a problem that is costing your company money.  You believe that PLM software may be a part of the solution.  Let’s assume that is true.

What are your decision options?

Do Nothing…

The cost of the problem continues if you choose to do nothing.  It is costing you money every day, week, month, etc and it could be growing.

Do Something…

If you make a good decision on the software selection, you should begin to see quantifiable benefits in about 6 months.  You may still be tweaking the implementation, but you will be confident that you have made a good decision.

If you make a bad decision on the software selection, be prepared to learn a lot. You will have a much better understanding of the problem.  You will know a lot more about PLM software – what it can and can’t do.  You should be able to generate an accurate, detailed requirements document.  You will have first hand experience to call on when you are making your new decision.  You will not be swayed by a good sales demonstration.

Your new decision will be a well informed decision.

A PLM consultant should be able to help you make an informed decision – contact me for help if you choose the ‘do something’ path.


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