Manage Expectations for PLM Success

Expectations are your vision of what life will be like when the project is completed, usually unstated but it is critical to the success of a project.  When a project fails, often it is because your expectations were not met.

When people pay money for something and they don’t get what they expect, that’s when they become unhappy.

Manage Expectations…

Make your vision for this solution known to all parties [project team, vendors and any other partners].  Gather additional input.

Work with those responsible for delivering your solution to make sure that your vision is deliverable.  Find out what is possible and what is not.  Reshape your vision [expectation] into something that can be delivered.

Put together a statement of work delineating a timeline and identifying who will be responsible for each step of the project.  This document should provide a clear definition of the scope of the project.  [Scope creep can kill a project.]

Establish regular communications to address any issues as they arise.  Delays in discussing issues can make them rise to the level of a big deal.

If you don’t get what you expect, you will be very disappointed, so manage expectations carefully – contact me if you need help…


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