Managing Customer Expectations…

Last week, my blog addressed managing expectations.  This topic is extremely important.

In that blog, I said that when people pay money for something and they don’t get what they expect, that’s when they become unhappy.

Let me site some real examples…

I read great things about a particular restaurant.  I go there and the food is not that great.  If you think about it – the more you pay for the meal, the more disappointed you are.  I will not be their customer again.

We found this great salad dressing that is not carried in any of the stores near us.  So, I go online and find that I can order it to be shipped here.  [Obviously, I really like this salad dressing.]  They accept my credit card and I don’t see it on my doorstep for a couple of weeks.  I call them and they apologize [saying that someone left the company and forgot to ship].  So, she says it will ship and sends me the FedX tracking number.  It is supposed to arrive in a few days.  When I track it, the arrival date is N/A so I call again.  I finally did get the salad dressing, but is it good enough to go through this hassle again?

What if these people cared about managing expectations?

The restaurant manager could have expressed concern about my experience by recommending their best dish or offered a free dessert or…

The salad dressing person could have made sure I got the dressing within a couple of weeks without my having to follow-up several times or she could have called to keep me informed.

Compared to a PLM implementation, these are petty items.  If you have to deal with missed expectations at work every day, it can become a big deal real fast.  Good communications can help you manage expectations.


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