Customer Expectations Story

My blog topic has been about managing expectations.  This week I provide an example.

I sold document management software [PLM before the term] to an aerospace company in Southern California.  They wanted [needed] to manage their work instruction packages.  I presented a picture of what a solution might look like [one that I knew we could deliver].  He liked that picture, so that was our goal.

The Vice President that I was working with looked me in the eye and said that he trusted that I could deliver their solution.  I think we all understand that we are responsible for success, but I had never had anyone voice that to me.

He was the champion, but his project manager was very weak.  This meant that I needed to pitch in and help them succeed.  This was my first project management experience, so I learned under fire.

I went in there weekly to make sure all of the needed activities were taking place and I attempted to keep them all on time.  As with most large projects like this, we didn’t finish exactly on time [but close].

I copied all of my communications with the project manager to the Vice President.  At all times, he knew the status of the project.

We had a very good engineer that was to do the implementation [heavy coding back then].  He coded up the solution.  We installed it and did the training.  The customer was very happy with the results and 25 years later, I could still use him as a reference.

This implementation was successful, in part, because I managed expectations…

Good luck with your implementation and call if you need help.


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