Managing Expectations

In a previous blog, I said that expectations are your vision of what life will be like when the project is completed, usually unstated but it is critical to the success of a project.  When a project fails, often it is because your expectations were not met.

PLM implementations are complex – there are a lot of details that can slip through the cracks.  A project plan can be a great help:

– Dictates who does what and when they need to do it

– Delineates the major milestones and their dependencies

– Establishes a timeline for the project

– Puts some definition to your solution vision into writing

– Defines expectations

– Defines what success means to you and your company

– Defines the scope of the project

There may be more benefits, but these are some of the key benefits so it is important and helpful to spend some time on it.

When people pay money for something and they don’t get what they expect, that’s when they become unhappy – contact me if you need help…


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