PLM Journey

There are a lot of activities to perform on your PLM Journey.  Learning is the first step.  Maybe your journey is not even a PLM Journey.

Your journey starts with understanding the problem(s) you are attempting to solve.  What is this costing you [your company]?

Capture your vision for a solution.  If the world were perfect, what might the solution look like?  Document your requirements and identify ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features.

There might be as many as 50 software packages that could address your problem(s).  At this point, you may not even know if this is a document management, product data management [PDM] or product lifecycle management [PLM] problem.

At a very high level, here are basic descriptions of each:

Document management software – This software allows you to manage documents with some access controls.  It may or may not have a workflow component.

PDM – This software allows you to manage documents, including CAD files and usually has a workflow component.  The workflow component enables you to automate your engineering change control process.  This software allows you to manage configurations [relationships].

PLM – This software provides all of the PDM features but it can manage all sorts of files found in all of your departments.  This allows you to relate files other than just CAD files to your product(s).

The price of software goes up as you get more capabilities, so it is important for you to know what each of them can and can’t do.

Before you start looking at any solutions, do some research.  Contact me if you need some help…


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