Choosing a PLM Solution

Choosing a PLM solution is not a simple task.  There are horror stories about companies spending lots of money on a solution only to have their implementation end up being a large fiasco.

There are a lot of things to learn in order to make an informed decision.

PLM stands for product lifecycle management therefore you will be managing product information.  Product information includes CAD files and bills of materials.  Product information needs to get to the factory floor.

What does that mean?

A large contributor to the horror stories is integration.  Most implementations include someone writing code to make one software package talk to another.

There are 2 critical places where applications need to read/write to other applications:  CAD to PLM and PLM to ERP.

You can eliminate one of these integrations by choosing PLM software that already offers a tight integration to your CAD software.  This eliminates lots of headaches as well as saving time and money.

You can reduce the complexity of the integration between PLM and ERP by finding a service provider that has previously written code that integrates your choice for PLM and your ERP software.  It will still cost you, but since they know what they are doing they won’t be learning on your dime.

Save some headaches and some cash…

When looking for PLM software, start with alternatives that already work with your CAD software.  This will save you a very expensive integration.

If you would like some help, drop me a line…


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