Arguments against Managing Processes…

There are all sorts of reasons that companies don’t take on managing their business processes.

A few include…

– We are way too busy working on existing [paying] jobs to take on business process management.

– We have no business process management expertise in-house.

– We don’t have time to learn about business process management [BPM] so that we can understand our options.

– BPM projects are just way too large.

– Re-engineering our processes takes time and expertise.

Yet, inefficiency costs your company money every day.  If the cost is as little as $10 per day, then there is no reason to look into solutions.  If the cost reaches into thousands of dollars per month, it makes sense to investigate.

Arguments for managing processes…

If the cost exceeds the cost of a new employee, you should definitely act.  The cost may be the price of a person today, but a year from now it could balloon to the price of 2 or more employees.

Your competition may already be addressing their process inefficiencies.  If so, they may be able to provide a better product or service for a better price.  They may also be assembling a stable of very happy customers.

Just a thought…


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