Culture Change & PLM

Those of us that have implemented a PLM [product lifecycle management] solution realize how important it is to manage culture change.

A PLM implementation can impact your user community in 2 ways.

–  Users must learn to use new software

–  PLM may change how users work

This is where a strong ‘champion’ comes into play.  What makes a strong champion?

–  They could be upper management, but that isn’t necessary.

–  They do need to be well respected.  This must be a person that the user community will listen to.

–  They need to lead – like a pied piper.  They need to get the user community excited to follow along.

–  The champion is an internal sales job.  They will be selling to management as well as selling to the user community.  This sales role will be ongoing.

–  They will need to manage expectations.

All of these qualities imply that the champion is a good listener and has real empathy with the user community.

Note:  It is possible to have a successful implementation without a strong champion but all of the successful implementations that I have witnessed had a strong champion.

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