A PLM Story…

Way back in the Sherpa days, our president used to always tell us that our software was designed to get the right information to the right person at the right time. At the time, I wasn’t excited about this being the best way to describe what our software did.  However, this description has held up well over time.

This brief description is loaded with lots of implied information.

Right Information…

Information is any electronic file. The ‘right’ information is the version of that information that is needed by a person performing a task.  Access controls make sure that it is the ‘right’ information.

Right Person…

Person is anyone in a process. The ‘right’ person is the person that needs that information to perform their task.  Based on where the process is within its progression, the software knows who the ‘right’ person is.

Right Time…

The right time is when they need it. Typically, this is a process that you want completed in a timely fashion so the software makes sure the information arrives when it is needed.

Let’s look at one example – The most expensive process for a manufacturing company is their engineering change process.

Since most PLM software today has robust business process management capabilities, it can have a huge impact on the time it takes to turn around engineering change requests.

At one of my customers, ECR’s were taking an average of 45 days to turn around – after implementing this process in their PLM, their ECR’s were taking an average of 5 days and emergency changes could be completed in an hour.

PLM software can really make a difference.

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