Happy New Year!

Prepare for change.  Change always happens…

Changes like:

  • Your competition will be looking to outsell you
  • New competitors will jump into your space
  • There will always be new innovations
  • The price of oil

How will these changes impact your company?  What impact will they have on your customers?  We still can’t even predict the impact of the low price of oil will have on everything.

The new year – 2015 – is a good time to challenge the old ways.

Look at how you are currently doing business.  Become change agents.  Think courageously and challenge the current way of doing things.  Embrace diversity of thought and the different ways your employees think and act – innovate.

Continuous improvement ideas:

  • Look for opportunity everywhere
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Embrace an entrepreneurial attitude

The one thing that I can forecast for 2015 with certainty is that ‘Change will Happen’.  The best thing for you and your company is to turn it into a competitive advantage.


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