A Document Management Solution

Choosing a document management solution is not just about securely storing and retrieving files…

Other Considerations

  • Do you want your revised document to overwrite the old one?
  • Do you want multiple people to be able to work on the same document at the same time? Do you not want this to happen?
  • Do you want to work within a checkin / checkout paradigm?
  • Do you want a history trail for the life of all your documents?
  • Will your document need some kind of approvals before it becomes public?
  • Will you want to publish your documents?
  • Do you need to meet any compliance requirements?

Technology vs. a Solution to a Problem

Many companies have Sharepoint installed.  It will provide secure storing and retrieving of files, but it does not meet many of the other requirements listed above.

Like most projects, the cost of a document management project is predicated on solving the problems / issues that you are looking to solve.

Choosing technology without concerns about your requirements may never get you to a solution.  You may get to a solution eventually, but you will likely end up with more than one software package and some integration costs.

Start with a Solution Vision

What problem or problems are you looking to solve?  What do you want that solution look like?  The user interface is what the software looks like – it is what the users see and it is how they interface with the software.  How do you want the user interface to function?  What will work best for your company?  Document your requirements.

Next, look for technologies that meet these requirements and investigate these alternatives.  This approach will get you to your solution sooner and should prove to be less expensive.

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