Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management [PLM] is an activity supported by hardware and software.  Its implementation involves implementing the theoretical ideas which are collected during a company analysis.  The analysis involves uncovering the requirements necessary for the software to provide a solution approaching what you envision your solution to be.

During the analysis phase, look for ways to:

Optimize – Remove non value add activities

Automate – Allow computers to perform mundane activities


Many Product Lifecycle Management software packages include a credible Business Process Management [BPM] component.  This is important because most of your data is generated via a process.  At a minimum, it is written and then edited by the originator before it is ‘published’ to others.

Communications & Collaboration

The process management component in PLM aids in communications and collaboration.  For example – when a datasheet is written by a marketing person and ‘checked in’ to a PLM solution, the PLM software can notify all those who need to review it.  It can be edited and the PLM solution can route it back to the author.  When it is approved by all designated parties, it can be ‘published’ to other people or a ‘released’ directory of some kind.


Compliance is about following procedures and being able to prove that you have.  When you have defined a procedure, you can configure your PLM software to follow it.  PLM software has the capability to adhere to almost any procedure.  It provides you with control to make sure that procedures are followed and visibility into the activities within a process.

Take advantage of the process management capabilities of your PLM software to optimize and automate activities in your company that should result in lower costs and increased revenues.

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