PLM Success…

Building on Andreas Lindenthal’s blogs titled “Elements of a Successful PLM Project”.

He mentions 3 Elements:

  • Understand the current situation and needs
  • Use a methodical approach to select PLM software
  • Develop a long-term PLM Strategy

He points out that two of the most important things to know when planning a journey are your current location and your destination. Just ask any sailor who has sailed the high seas.

I think he is right on with these 3 points, I would just add the following:

When you have a good understanding of the current situation and needs, document your vision of a solution for your company [destination]. You know how your company works today; how would you like it to work in the future?

Executive buy in is extremely helpful, but a ‘champion’ is even more valuable.  The champion can be an executive but doesn’t have to be. They need to be well respected so that they can easily get the attention of the user community and upper management. They will be your internal salesperson selling the benefits of your PLM project to all parties. Think of them like a pied piper.

Culture change is a big impediment to any large project and PLM is no exception. The champion can help all parties deal with the change. They will manage expectations to minimize possible disappointments.

Working from your understanding of the current situation and needs, build a requirements document. You want your solution to solve your problems and issues. The requirements document will help you with PLM software selection. Working from the requirements document, develop an implementation/project plan.

Scope creep is a project killer. Find a good project manager that can make sure your company follows your implementation/project plan. Make as few changes as possible to that plan. After the roll out, you can begin to make changes to your implementation.

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