PLM Project Success…

In my last blog, I addressed some “Elements of a Successful PLM Project”. A PLM project is very complex – there are many things that need to be addressed.

Like any project, it would be good to start by reading the instruction manual. You want to know all of the things that you need to do to complete your project successfully. You want to know what the end solution will look like. Unfortunately, there isn’t an instruction manual. No two PLM implementations are exactly alike.

To mitigate this, you should learn as much as you can about PLM. What is a realistic expectation from your PLM implementation? What should a PLM project plan look like? How can I learn from others mistakes?

As with any home project, the second time you work the project is much easier than the first. The third time it gets even easier. This is where a PLM consultant can come in handy. They have performed many PLM projects and can help you approach your project like you have done many of these projects before.

The Consultant

The motivation of the consultant is to end up with a happy customer that will provide them with referrals. Their allegiance is to you and not any vendor.

They can educate you on PLM. They can explain what the software can and can’t do. They can help you create your vision for a solution. They can help you create a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’. They can help you create a requirements document. They can help you navigate the marketing fluff from the vendors. They can help with your project plan and execution.

They can help you set realistic expectations for your solution. This includes what the solution should look like and how much you will need to spend to get there.

They have experience on many PLM projects that they can share with you so that you don’t have to start this project as if it were the first time. It’s like inviting your neighbor over to help you with a project because they have done it before.

They can share tips for success. They have seen what works and what doesn’t work and will share that information.

With the help of a consultant, it is safe to expect that your PLM project will be made easier, less stressful and completed in less time. Contact me to learn more…


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