Before Addressing PLM continued..

Many things happen before the actual purchase of a PLM solution. You will need to gather answers to the following questions.

  • Is the problem you are attempting to solve worthy of pursuing?
  • Discover the available potential solutions?
  • What do you have to put together in order for your company to issue a PO?
  • How will you select the solution? How will you select the solution vendor?

I addressed the first 2 questions in my last blog – today the rest.

What information do you have to assemble in order to move toward a purchase?

Each company will have their own procedures for making purchases. Start by identifying who will be involved in making the decision.

Each person will have their own thought process regarding making a purchase decision. You will need to create a proposal that will address each of their concerns.

You need to create a compelling story to persuade the decision makers to move forward with the purchase. Will you need to perform a return on investment analysis? What might that look like? You might want to perform a risk assessment to support your position.

Write your proposal. You might want to ask a co-worker review it. Then set up a meeting to present your proposal to the decision makers. Ask them for the approval to move forward.

How will you select the solution? How will you select the solution vendor?

Make a list of your alternatives. Investigate the most reasonable alternatives.

Visit these vendors with the thought that you will narrow down to 2 or 3. With the alternatives narrowed, speak with their customers. The questions that I like the best include: What did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them? What would you do different on your project?

Remember, you will be working with this vendor for a number of years. You will need a good relationship with them. Do you like them? Do they listen? Are the responsive?

After selecting a vendor, work with them to come up with a project plan. Have them generate a quote based on that project plan that you can use to generate a purchase order.

In summary…

PLM projects tend to have a high level of complexity. Any individual activity isn’t difficult, but there are many activities that need to take place. Working with an independent consultant can be helpful. Companies that have successfully implemented PLM solutions are happy they did – you will be too.

Contact me if you would like some help…


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