Problems that PLM Addresses…

Last week, I addressed ‘why PLM?’

This week – some of the problems that PLM software can help you solve…

Find any document

Many studies have supported the notion that employees will spend around 25% of their time looking for information. Note: This number was derived before using any kind of document management software. How much time do your employees spend looking for information?

More than 1 version of the truth

There can be many versions of the information you are seeking. How will you know which version is the ‘right’ version?

Consistent file names

How will you find files if you are not following a naming convention? Would it be easier if this wasn’t an issue?

Document security

How can you be sure that the person seeking the information has permission to view it?


More and more ISO requirements are impacting companies. How can you be sure that you meet compliance requirements?


No matter the software you choose, it needs to enable collaboration. Your people have figured out how to work together, your solution needs to support those efforts.

These are a few of the major problems, there are many more that PLM can address. Contact me if you would like some help uncovering problems and finding a solution.


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