PLM Tips to Make the Project Easier…

Last week, I touched on project scope. The longer your project takes the more your user community will lose interest. What follows are some tips from the successful PLM implementations that I have worked on.


A project like this needs an internal champion. They will show the user community that life will be better for them when the software is implemented. They will show management how the solution will increase revenues and/or decrease costs. They will be your PLM evangelist [pied piper].

Project Manager

As with any project, a strong project manager increases your odds for a successful implementation.

Company Politics

Work within your company’s politics. Don’t upset the apple cart if you don’t have to. It will make life so much easier.

Managing Change

Culture change is a project destroyer. Your champion will take on the responsibility to guide your user community through the changes that will be taking place.


How will you know you are successful if you don’t have a definition for ‘success’? Come up with some objective metrics that will display project success. Success on this project will open the door to expansion and/or other projects.


Another project destroyer is scope creep. It is difficult to hit a moving target. Define the scope and don’t change it without a change request. You can always extend the solution after completing your initial implementation.

Try to hold your initial implementation to less than a half year so that your user community stays interested. Don’t attempt to do a total, company-wide implementation out of the gate. Determine some logical phases and implement them one at a time.


A successful implementation will provide the benefits that you planned for making the trip worth it. A successful PLM implementation will provide a solid return on investment.

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