PLM Education & Training

The current topic in the blogosphere is PLM education and training.

PLM Education

PLM software is very complex. Most of the offerings have in excess of 500 features. Most companies looking at PLM solutions are aware of only a small portion of these.

The objective is to make an informed decision. What are the problems that you are attempting to solve? What features are necessary to solve these problems?

Many companies have selected and implemented PLM software, you could learn from them. What are their successes? What are their failures? What would they do different? How can you learn from their experiences?

Most often, companies don’t spend enough time learning about PLM.

PLM Training…

Typically, training is the activity of teaching users how to use the software.

The objective is to minimize change for the user community. They are being asked to use new software and they might even be asked to follow a different process. How can you make this easy for your user community?

The easier it is to use software, the easier it is to get people to use it.

Some of the things that you can do to make it easy:

    • Alter the user interface ‘labels’ to be in the language of your company.
    • Don’t show any screen selections that are not a part of the user’s job.
    • Use pull down lists where it makes sense.
  • Write an easy to follow user guide.


High Importance

If you don’t address these issues, you might still be successful. If you do address these issues, it will increase your chances for a successful implementation and in a shorter amount of time. I have dedicated many years of my PLM life to educating people about PLM offerings, I can help you…


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