Companies Don’t Purchase PLM Software

They purchase a solution to a problem.

When you are working on a home project that requires you to drill a hole, you will go to Home Depot/Lowes to purchase a ‘drill’. You don’t necessarily want a ‘drill’, what you really want is a hole. So, you will purchase something that will make a hole.

Using the same analogy, companies don’t purchase ‘PLM Software’. They purchase software to solve a problem – A problem that costs them time and/or money.

So, before you go to the equivalent of Home Depot/Lowes for the purchase of PLM software it would be to your advantage to understand what you need. A short list follows…

What are the problems that you are attempting to solve? Do you just need the ‘hole’ or do you need something else like a bolt/screw?

How much are these problems costing you? There could be 2 components to this – hard dollars and time [that you will need to convert to dollars.] These costs provide you with a guideline for your budget.

Once you have defined the problems, document the requirements needed for a solution.

What are your options for solving these problems? Why are you drilling a hole? Are there alternatives? Is there another way to solve the problem?

What are the costs associated with each option?

Obviously, one of your options is to do nothing. What is the cost associated with doing nothing? It is an ongoing monthly/yearly cost.

As you can tell, purchasing a PLM solution is not as easy as the trip to the hardware store. Need some help?


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