The Last Mile for PLM

Oleg Shilovitsky posted a blog recently discussing the Last Mile – I will be describing my concept of the Last Mile.

It got me thinking about how I see it relating to my PLM projects.  We all create a project plan to implement PLM solutions and schedule it to be finished at some time in the future.  What typically happens – Most of the project is completed as planned, however, the final details seem to take forever.  These are the issues that cause implementations to miss the desired finish time.

As Oleg pointed out, those last issues typically deal with the interface between the users and the PLM software.

My focus has always been on the user interface.  I believe that the user interface ought to make life easier for the user.  It should display access to the information that users need to do their job.  It should provide an easy way for them to provide their input.  If they are to attach a file, that option should be on their user interface.  They should not see any information that doesn’t apply to their job.  When they are done with their input, they should be able to click on a button that identifies that they are done.

This action should notify the next person in their process where they will go through a similar procedure and so on.

When performing the ‘Analysis’ or ‘Discovery’, make sure that you understand the process and work with the users to provide them with a user interface that makes it easy for them to do their job.  The easier the user interface the better the user acceptance.

If you do this graphically, you can get the users to sign off on what their interface should look like.  The implementers should be able to ‘configure’ or ‘program’ the user interface to meet their requirements.  The end result should be happy users.

This should minimize the typical last mile issues and help you complete your implementation on time.

Contact me if you need help with that…


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