PLM in the Cloud or…

There are many ways to implement PLM software.  Your PLM software can be installed on a server within your company’s 4 walls, on a server in the ‘cloud’ or in some hybrid manner.

When choosing PLM software, you will need a requirements document.  The first order of business is to perform a thorough analysis to gather all of the information you will need for your requirements document.

There are many horror stories about failed PLM projects.  Some of the reasons they failed include: A poor requirements document; Missing implementation milestones; Failure to meet user expectations; Poor project management; And many others.

There is a relationship between the quality of the requirements and the odds of the implementation being completed on time.  A thorough requirements document will lead to fewer changes allowing the project to complete on time.  A shoddy requirements document will lead to many changes to get it right.

I am attempting to stress how important a good requirements document is for your company.  Give it a lot of attention.

The Cloud

Let me eliminate some of the mystique of the cloud.  The cloud is someone’s or some company’s computer room.  Your server can be in your computer room or someone else’s.  $ will drive the decision – what is the least expensive, secure way to implement PLM software so that it meets my requirements?  There is a lot more input to this decision than dollars, but it still comes down to dollars.

Typically, companies look to the cloud to provide worldwide access – this should be reflected in your requirements.  Your requirements will point you to a cloud or not decision.

I can help you build a thorough requirements document that will make this decision clear, contact me to learn more…


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